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15 Things You Need for Summer Trips

by Social Products on May 24, 2018

After a long winter and a slightly rainy spring, summer is so close we can taste it. So, it's time to bust out your suitcases and start planning this year's summer trip.  You also need to pack all the right things and turn this otherwise run-of-the-mill vacay into a memorable adventure. So, whether you are traveling solo for the first time, hitting the road with your BFFs or exploring the world with your S.O., these 11 essentials will help you get the most out of your summer trip.

1. Away Carry-On Luggage

Knowing what to pack is one thing. But, having the right luggage to carry it in is a whole 'nother story. If you want to ensure your items are tucked away safely during your trip, then you need this carry-on suitcase in your life. Not only does it look chic AF, but it also comes with a TSA-approved charger, so no battery is left uncharged and no luggage is left behind.


2.TONYMOLY Moisturizing Mask Sheet

There'a reason Korean beauty products are ahead of the curve and this aloe-infused mask sheet is the living proof. Designed to lighten, tighten and moisturize your face skin within minutes, this innovative facial mask is a must for any sun-drenched summer trip.

3. CALPAK x Oh Joy! Packing Cubes

Combining fashion and function, this colorful packing cube set will help you keep your suitcase organized and your summer living as care-free as possible. The best part? They sport a sheer paneling that allows you to see exactly where that favorite tee of yours is packed away. #nomoremess

4. Tata Harper Aromatic Stress Treatment on Amazon 

If life has taught us anything about traveling is that anything is possible during a summer trip (that's including unexpected mishaps). To avoid missing out on major experiences just 'cause you stressed out, add some zen into the mix with this all-natural, anti-stress essential oil blend. Thanks to its aromatic qualities, it promotes relaxation and can lift your mood almost instantly.

5. Fjallraven Kanken Backpack

If your ideal summer trip includes you, a car and a map  attractions, then this jumbo-sized backpack should be at the top of your must-own-now list. With enough room to fit anything from multiple outfits to a bunch of books as well as several side/front pockets, this travel-friendly bag will add a little bit of luxe to your road trip adventures.

6. Vapur Eclipse Water Bottle on Amazon

Staying hydrated while traveling can be a challenge, especially during summertime.  Thanks to its foldable and compact design, this reusable water bottle will help you keep your H2O goals in check almost effortlessly.

7. Burt's Bees Lip Balm on Amazon

High temps and the sun's UV rays can leave your lips drier than ever, so make sure you always carry this all-natural, nourishing chapstick with you. Loaded with vitamin E and made from beeswax and a hint of peppermint oil, this lip balm will sure give your pout the summer glow it deserves.

8. Nemo Helio Portable Pressure Shower on Amazon

Designed to heat water using just sunlight, this portable shower is perfect for anyone who loves camping and out-of-town excursions during summertime. This ingenious device also features a foot pump that keeps the water flowing long enough for you to take a shower. That's glamping at its finest!

9. Sleepy Ride Airplane Footrest on Amazon

Serving as a portable and plane-friendly ottoman, this unique summer trip essential allows you to rest your feet during long flights. You just hung it like a hammock on both arms of the tray table, and its high-quality memory foam takes it from there. Limited leg space, who said that?

10 Ostrich Pillow  on Amazon


Taking cues from nature, the ostrich pillow is specially designed to create a micro-environment in which you can catch some zzz's while on the go. So, whether you are traveling by plane, train or car this summer, this rad travel pillow will do so much more than just support your neck.

11. Herschel Supply Co. Dopp Kit

Looking for a cool way to pack your toiletries, grooming tools and more? Then, this two-tone dopp kit is a must-have. Sporting two separate compartments and a handle at the end, it's very easy to carry around and can help you look dapper at all times.

12. BUQU Watermelon Portable Power Bank

Dead batteries got you down? Keep your phone juiced up with this “juicy” watermelon power bank. This cute little gadget also features a hinge clip, allowing you to keep it around 24/7.

13. WantGor Travel Wallet on Amazon 

Tickets, passport, ID, money, credit cards, and the occasional pen. Keep all your travel essentials in one place and avoid losing them or (worse) forgetting them at home.

14.Luckies of London Scratch Map on Amazon

Ready to explore your bucket list destinations one scratch at a time? Then, this out-of-the-box world map is the perfect guide for every globetrotter out there who wants to satisfy his/her insatiable wanderlust.


15. Soarigami Armrest Divider on Amazon

Sharing the armrest is always a struggle. Put an end to this type of wars with this origami-inspired armrest divider that serves as a diplomat between your and your neighbor's arms.

Have you started packing yet? Let us know in the comment section down below!